City Code B&B Luxury- Location

Distance from City Code to:

– airport “Nikola Tesla”, Belgrade – 18 km

– Main train and bus station – 2 km

– Piedestrian zone – 100 m

Belgrade – Info

Belgrade – The White City, several times destroyed to the ground. Only the strength and will of its people, had risen this metropolis from the ashes like a Phoenix. As the ancient city with a turbulent history, Belgrade is one of the oldest in Europe – its official history lasts for a few thousand years.

Walking down the streets of the city you can feel its pulse and the irresistible connection of the past and the future, filled with beauty of the present.

The exciting city life pushes you right to the base – a walk around the central Knez Mihailova street or to the oldest parts of town, like Kalemegdan, the old core of the Belgrade Fortress, which was rising over the centuries, in which each of the invaders had made an authentic brand.

At the corner of King Peter I and Prince Sima Markovic street, where an old church from the 18 century was settled,now there is a cathedral. The stories of our ancestors tell us it helped Prince Milos to obtain the autonomy of Serbia.

Be sure to visit the old bohemian part of town, Skadarlija, which was founded in the late 19th and early 20th century. Back then its restaurants were a place to hang out for the most famous cultural names of Belgrade. Today, Skadarlija is an ideal place for people of good taste, eager for home made cuisine and good atmosphere.

If you are looking for a place to start a long crazy night or to just relax and drink coffee in a quiet place in Belgrade, we recommend that you visit some of the cafes in the Serbian capital – from fancy places in the “Silicone Valley” (street Strahinjića Bana) at Dorcol, to the floats lined up along the rivers.

Every corner of this city can tell a story about itself to anyone who passes by. Enjoy your stay and your study of Belgrade. We hope that you will be charmed by Belgrade, and that it will become your favorite city in the Balkans, which will keep you coming back.

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